Special Exposure: Pixie and Pixie


Look who got a big girl bed this weekend!

It was quite the adventure, involving two trips to the store (we thought we had a mattress in the closet, so we bought a box spring. And upon assembly, discovered we were remembering backward) and throwing it together after bath, before bed. Julianna was so excited. “De-beh!” she shrieked, pounding Tink with one finger, and with a little repetition, we got as close as “Tee-beh”.

It was the first time in, uh, her LIFE, that we didn’t have to come in and put her covers back on her during the night. And now, coming into that room just makes me happy.

She even consented to share with Alex…briefly.

 Speaking of Alex…today is his 7th birthday! How many happy birthdays can we get in the combox for him? 🙂 🙂 🙂

special needs wordless wednesday


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