Class Clown In Training

Remember this picture?

When Christian saw this picture, he shook his head and said, “I’m telling you, we’re gonna have trouble with that one.”

That was a year ago. When Nicholas was barely two years old. Now just imagine what life is like with this child at three.

“Mommy, I a goofball,” he says to me as I’m putting him down for nap, his eyes dancing. It makes me want to chew him to pieces, which frankly is a much nicer desire than the desire to pull my hair out, which follows me around most days as he refuses to eat and turns everything into a battle with me and with Julianna.

In the post-baby fog, we got to a point of running through rote prayers without catechesis or depth, and just this week, I’ve taken a deep breath and stopped settling for “good enough.” So we’ve been taking time to do petitions and thanks this week. Nicholas doesn’t quite get it. “I pway for Awex and Juweanna and Michael and Mommy and Daddy and the pwaygwound,” he says, pointing around the room.

“You want to pray for the playground?”


“Okay, what do you want to say thank you for?”

“I want say thank you for my ear infection.”

(Um, kiddo, I don’t think you’ve quite got that distinction clear.)

And then, the Mischief Eyes come out. “And…I want say thank you for PICKLE!”

Christian, who is flopped face-down on the bed, raises his head and looks at me as if he’s not sure he really just heard what he thinks he heard. And then starts laughing.

Perhaps I need to explain. I’m sure everyone is familiar with this book:

Front cover
Front cover (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The last page, with the list of all the junk food he ate? It takes us five minutes to finish that page, because the kids point at every food, sometimes in order, sometimes not, while I say them over and over. And I always yell “PICKLE!” because it makes them laugh.

Yup, that’s my son, turning bedtime prayers into an opportunity for clowning around.

I have to echo my husband. We’re gonna have trouble with this one. 😉