Sunday Snippets

It’s the weekend again, and time for a roundup of Catholic bloggers over at RAnn’s This, That and the Other thing.

I missed you all last week! I’ve been realizing that I’m running myself ragged trying to do it all, so when last weekend got busy, I made the choice to stay offline and give myself a rest. So I’m sharing for two weeks today (but I won’t inflict the whole works on you…only selections). Ergo:

The above decision was influenced by the realization that This Moment Is All I Have.

My Mothers Day post generated a lot of comments. And I hit the big time this week when Lenore Skenazy tweeted my post “Parents need the freedom to make their own judgment calls.” Too bad the bump was only for the day. 🙂

I talked about my chatterbox (whew…is he ever), and shared photos of Michael’s first meal.

Finally, since people have asked in the past, here are two fiction selections: one and two.

Hope your Memorial Day weekend is refreshing and un-busy! Not like ours. :/