Help Us Choose Michael’s Six-Month Portraits!


Let’s talk kids’ portraits today, because after yesterday we need a change of focus. Right?

Show of hands: do you love or loathe going to get your kids’ pictures taken? I loved it for a while, but the process got frustrating–policies and procedures in those department store studios are a pain in the neck, and after Julianna passed beyond the baby stage, it got very difficult to get good pictures of her. They would never snap the picture at the right time. I wanted to grab the clicker out of their hands. Plus, I want outdoor pictures.

So we started borrowing a DSLR and taking our own portraits, and after a couple years’ worth of product research (and a whole lot of saving), we bought one . (It’s a Canon Rebel T3i, in case you’re wondering. Love it. Love.It.)

Michael’s six months old now, and I snapped about two hundred shots on Saturday. And today I would like you to help us choose his official portrait. So (are you bracing yourself for some serious cuteness?):

Exhibit A: Just before he decided to eat grass


Exhibit B: Swimming and Smiling on the Kitchen Floor


Exhibit C: Lovin’ the Picnic Blanket

So, now you vote. (Won’t you? Pretty please?)

8 thoughts on “Help Us Choose Michael’s Six-Month Portraits!

    • The Canon has good settings on the camera back that make sense and does a lot of the work for you, but you have the option to fiddle if you want to. So far we haven’t fiddled much.

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