Two Weeks’ Worth of Field Trips (a 7QT post)


I know you have all been dying to find out how our summer plan is going, right? Well, chores are a mixed bag; the gratitude list went great for four days and then we got busy, but I am determined to persevere. And field trips? Ah, field trips. 🙂


Week one: reptiles and a picnic with Daddy

Skeleton of a sea turtle, and three children who look like angels, even though two of them are trying hard to escape Mommy.


We went to see snakes, mostly, but somehow turtles just photograph better, don’t you think?

(the picnic pictures weren’t all that great, thus their absence)


Week two: Mommy-Alex date with Venus

The observatory dome open at rush hour, in preparation to watch Venus cross the sun




Bonus field trip: picnic and playground

Michael’s first time in a swing! Good thing Nicholas is around to push, so Mommy can man the camera.


Alex, AKA Iron Man, chased down the waterfall by Super Girl

 Bonus Take: when you have a priest friend over for dinner….

That Android is MINE, Padre. MINE.

4 thoughts on “Two Weeks’ Worth of Field Trips (a 7QT post)

  1. We hardly ever get to take advantage of the astronomical possibilities, so it was nice that my husband gave us the chance. I love having a child old enough to share those kinds of things with.

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