Let’s Talk About Fathers Day

One of my favorite images of Christian as father, watching over us. This is Alex.

(Stepping onto my soapbox)

You know, dads really get shafted, compared to moms.

Mothers Day happens during the school year. We bring home potted flowers, little crafts showing hand prints, booklets extolling our virtues, sculptures and who knows what-all.

Fathers Day? Middle of summer break. In other words: nothing.

Mothers Day, we get bombarded with ads reminding us that moms need diamonds, flowers, clothes and perfume to make our day special.

Another of my favorite images, also of Christian with Alex in 2006.

Dads? They get a barbecue. Candy. Maybe a power tool, if they’re lucky.

News flash, people: it takes two to make a baby. Women are not the center of the universe. Men and women may be different, but both sexes have lessons to teach that the next generation needs.

I’m posting this four days in advance of Fathers Day this year in order to issue this challenge: find some way to make this Sunday truly special for the man who raised you, for the man who is your partner in raising your children. If you, like me, are grasping for ideas, check out that awesome little tool called the internet.

(Stepping down from my soapbox now. Have a nice day.)

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