Boys, Fashion (or not), and Homelessness: a 7QT post


Someone in our house went to see The Avengers recently. Can you tell?

Having exhausted Iron Man and Captain America long ago, it really was inevitable that Alex would take to Hawkeye. But this is what I love so much about my boy–the way he can take paper spacers, water bottles, and straws and create art toys.


Speaking of Alex: Awesome conversations with my boys this week, #1:

Alex: “Did you know I have a ten-pack?”

Me: “Where on earth did you hear that term, and I’m not sure you have the right number.”

Alex: “I have five bumps on this side, and five bumps on the other side.”

Me: “Those are your ribs, honey.”


Awesome conversation #2:

Alex: “You need a cape to be Superman. Here you go. Now go fly.”

Nicholas (sounding shocked): “I can’t fly in the house!”


CNN changed their feed on Google Reader, so now I’m getting a whole lot more than I was before. And most of it seems to be duplicate, triplicate, and videos I would have been better off not seeing. For instance, this. I’m pretty hot in outrage, just like I was recently on the post that hit the (semi)-big time.


I’m 6 1/2 months postpartum now, and I’ve been working on losing weight (slowly and carefully, through permanent lifestyle changes–considering I’m still nursing). This is in preparation for a major wardrobe change when I finally get to where I want to be. I still have quite a ways to go, but considering my abysmal lack of fashion expertise, I’ve started doing some reading on how to dress my body shape. I’ll share my newfound knowledge at another point, but for now I just want to share that this pursuit of knowledge, along with a couple of other happenings, have made me realize just how far removed my life is from what the gurus would tell me it “should” be. According to Harper’s Bazaar Fashion, I’m supposed to go shopping early in the season–EVERY season, as in four times a year–make the rounds of all the stores without buying anything, and then come back when the deals are the best. EVERY season. Now, I’d like to draw your attention to a couple of problems with this:

a) The last piece of clothing I bought was something like, uh, three years ago. If you don’t count the shorts I bought for wearing with T shirts as part of my pajamas, so I am decent in front of my growing kids, and if you don’t count the single nursing bra I bought this spring. Which I don’t.

b) Who has TIME to go shopping that much?

c) Who has MONEY to go shopping that much?

d) Who watches your KIDS to allow you to go shopping that much? Because my kids are daily reminding me that taking them shopping, even to Hobby Lobby or the grocery store, is a crazy bad idea.

Please enlighten me, folks! I really am befuddled, and would like clarity.


To underscore #5C, enter this one particular homeless man who I’ve seen twice at the same intersection recently. He reminds me of Tom Skerritt. Something in the way he sits makes him seem less out of it and thus more pathetic than the grizzled, beaten-down men I’m used to seeing there. Or maybe it’s just because when we pulled up the other day, I had absolutely nothing to give him–well, I had 35 cents in the car–and I thought the least I could do for Christ in his eyes was actually look at him, really see him.

Oh, it was uncomfortable. I suppose it really is a good thing to be consistently so disturbed and set back on my heels by the sight of the homeless.


This has not been a productive writing week. Julianna had two appointments–another round with the med students and her first PT appointment to work on her overtight calf muscles. And we’ve been busy trying to do chores and field trips and make Fathers Day crafts. (By the way, if you missed this post, please read.) With the help of the sitter and a baby who took a 2-hour morning nap yesterday, I finally made some good progress toward one of my next deadlines. I’m starting to feel a need for some writing “down time” again. I want to tackle organizing my house!

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