So Much To Say, Not Enough Time


I’ve been trying to do too much in this time with the fourth baby nursing–carry too many responsibilities, juggle too many balls. Something’s got to give. I love posting every day, but let’s be honest–it’s a lot of extra writing, and lately I’ve been scrambling to get it done at all.

So I am switching to a Monday-Wednesday-Friday blogging schedule, at least for the duration of the summer. We’ll see what happens when kids go off to school in the fall.

Now…out to mow the lawn, before the thermometer melts.

5 thoughts on “So Much To Say, Not Enough Time

  1. Carrie E.

    I can relate!! Lots is giving around here this summer!! Kudos to you for knowing when you’ve reached your limit and finding a good way around it!!

  2. As long as the blogging continues, I will not complain.

    (And seriously… if I bang out two posts per WEEK these days, I’m doing well.)

  3. Smart idea. As long as you keep blogging, fewer posts are OK with me. Life is not meant to be a series of breathless, last minute accomplishments. It’s OK to slow the pace and enjoy the flowers in your life.

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