Things You Hear While Setting Off Firecrackers

firecracker (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Since last year’s Fourth of July post is hard to top, I’m going to simply re-post it. Enjoy!


Bathroom! Bathroom! (signed after every single pop, squeal, or hiss. Julianna was very scared of the fireworks. In fact, she lost control of her bladder at the main display. In case you’re wondering, Christian was the lucky one holding her at that time.)


“It looks like a giant turd!” (You know those “snake” firecrackers that grow a snake out one end? Yeah, those.)


“More pop pop!” (That was Nicholas. Isn’t that just so cute?)


“And…the grass is burning.”

___5 and 6___

My two favorites came in quick succession, and fit under the category “things you DON’T want to hear when shooting off fireworks.”

“Uh-oh, it burned a hole in the pool cover.” (Pause.)

“Why is the pool smoking?”