The Last Field Trip


It’s been a summer of field trips: to the observatory, to the lantern festival, to the real field with Grandpa, to the reptile exhibits, and so on. I have several ideas for blog posts, but unfortunately, this morning is Alex’s first day of school, which involves me playing piano for Assumption Mass, which means getting five people (four of them littles) in the car by 7:15 a.m. Which means scheduling a post the night before. Which means…pictures! We went to “Science City” with my sister and her son.

Michael and Aunt Tamara

Which one is harder to lift?

Waiting for lunch at Fritz’s, where the food is brought by train. Seriously. 🙂

Alex and his cousin hard at work at a water table

Nicholas giving Aunt Tamara instructions on running a helicopter. Thank goodness he’s there to tell us these things. 😉

Julianna loves her aunt. People kept mistaking them for mother and daughter all day.

So there you have it: summer’s end. Time for school to start! Ready–set–go!

4 thoughts on “The Last Field Trip

  1. evanscove

    Sounds like you’re excited about the new school year. But are your kids that excited?

    I’m glad to hear you and your family had such a terrific summer. And this last excursion looks like it was a lot of fun. So what are your family’s plans for the fall?

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