Alex and Nicholas have been adorable lately. They’re playing Batman, Transformers, and Lego together as if they’re not 4 years apart in age. It makes me all mushy inside.


Nicholas’ first-ever homework assignment was to complete an “all about me” page. It took us a tour of the color wheel to determine his favorite color–he just kept listing them as if he was waiting for me to tell him the right answer (yellow; he asks for a yellow vitamin every.single.morning). So when we reached the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” I groaned inwardly and started listing professions: “Do you want to be a fireman, or a policeman, or…”

“Awex,” he interrupted firmly.

I ground to a halt. “You want to be Alex when you grow up?”

“Yeah. I want to be Awex when I gwow up.”



While we’re on the subject of Nicholas, his epic nosebleeds have resurfaced. I called the ENT to schedule surgery, because I can’t handle these nightly nosebleeds much longer, and the nurse said to try Afrin before bed. Would you believe it worked?


Michael’s recent excessive crankiness turned out to be an ear infection. Duh. It never even occurred to me. I’ve never had a baby get an ear infection before.


Character poster for the film Thor featuring T...Chalk this one up to the hazards of having superhero-obsessed boys. During all the late-summer craziness, I would express a desire for a low-key evening. Inevitably Alex turned to me with a puzzled expression and said, “Loki?”

(I’m thinking of this tonight because we’re watching the movie Midnight in Paris, starring Tom Hiddleston as F. Scott Fitzgerald, and I cannot separate the man from his dark-side character. Sorry, man. You did too good a job as the bad guy.)


I finally got enough of my nonfiction work cleared out this week to allow me to start working on my novel again (for the first time this entire calendar year.) I had to discipline myself to get started. Nothing can wig out your self-confidence as a writer more than trying to write a novel. But it only took about an hour before my blood was humming. When 3p.m. rolled around–my “shut down Word and be a mom” hour–my heart kept straining back toward the computer. All night. I wanted to stay up late to work on it, sleep be hanged. No nonfiction project is ever that hard to set aside till tomorrow.


And on that note, my fiction excerpt this week is from my already-completed, but so far unloved (at least by the publishing industry) novel. Have a peek.

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