Wonder Woman’s 7QT


I’m Wonder Woman. Did you know that? I’ve been outed by my daughter. Christian was reading a comic book the other night and Julianna came over to see what he was looking at. “Who is this?” he asked, indicating the page. Julianna paused, thought a minute, and then smiled and yelled, “Bah-ee!”

Always knew I liked that girl. 😉


I had a mom moment yesterday. Julianna has the most ridiculous wardrobe any child has ever owned…virtually all of it given to us by family and friends secondhand…but she’s so darned skinny, all the pants fall off. If I put her in 4Ts they’re too short, and if I put her in 5s, they fall down. Literally. Yesterday I went to put on one of the three skorts that actually fit, and realized they were dirty. Sighing, I put on one of the ones that’s too big, along with a too-big T shirt that I tucked in in the hopes that it would provide enough friction to keep the whole thing together.

Not so much. When I picked her up from school yesterday, she was wearing a pair of shorts I’d never seen. Very embarrassing. But what else can I expect from a child who can wear her underwear sideways and not notice? (Sideways, you ask? What do you mean? Why, I mean that she can use a leg hole for her waist. Yeah. She’s that skinny.)


I’ve been practicing my flute again since school started. I always have to force myself to leave other concerns and go downstairs to do it, but I always enjoy it, and I’m never ready to quit when cranky baby or returning bus calls me away to other tasks. As usual, I’ve tried to bite off too many different things–tone work and finger work and etudes and learning a new piece. Considering I practice 2-3 times a week for  20-30 minutes–in other words, virtually nothing–it’s probably a case of spreading myself too thin. But I’m so rusty after so many years of neglect, I feel like I have to hit every aspect. I am fully aware that the only person who is aware of my rust is me. I haven’t forgotten how to play my flute. But there are quirks that irritate because they shouldn’t be there; things that are hard and shouldn’t be; fingers that don’t want to work together. Thus the finger exercises I’ve never played before, and taking time for scales every single day. I figure over time my fluidity will return. I hope, anyway.


This reminds me of something my orchestra director in college used to say. “You’re all such young players,” he would tell us. “If you don’t practice for a week, you forget how to play your instruments!” I had tremendous respect for  his man, so I curbed my initial skepticism. I didn’t forget how to play my flute in a week. What was he talking about? But now I understand.


I also have a knee that’s driving me crazy. A few weeks ago as I was turning the corner to come upstairs after teaching a voice lesson, my knee popped–and it has not been right since. I went to the doctor, I went to the PT, and both of them thought it was minor–the PT couldn’t even find anything wrong. He gave me some stretches and exercises and said come back if you can’t run on it by the weekend. I could, so I didn’t come back. Only now it’s worse. It pops with every stair (and I’m up and down a lot of stairs, usually carrying 22 pounds of Mad Baby).


This is giving me a tremendous appreciation for my general health. I have always taken for granted being able to be very active, and now I feel like I can’t do anything–run, walk, bicycle, Pilates machine, even making the new flower bed in the back I’m wanting to dig. I made another PT appointment for next week and I just have to pray that my health comes back. I can’t imagine  not being able to be active.


My Mad Baby is at present yelling and yanking the computer keyboard in and out, causing mayhem with my ability to type. I think it’s time to sign off. Head on over to Grace’s place for today’s 7QTs.