Advent Wednesdays: So You Want A Creative Calendar?

Well, here you go. If you’re a make-it-yourself kind of person, you can try one of these lovely ideas:

First up, from my ever-awesome long-time friend and fan Shelley:

Second, from the lovely Elizabeth at That Married Couple comes this (click the picture to read her post on what she’s chosen to do as an Advent countdown! If you think a daily activity is too much, this might be right up your alley):

The website Inspirations For Home has several to offer, including this:

This one is adaptable to all kinds of ideas–I’ve seen this done using stars of david, for instance, instead of tags

and this:

Another perennial favorite is the mitten garland calendar (this one is paper, but you can do it with real mittens too; see here for an example):

Photo by Anders Ruff Custom Designs, via Flickr

Do you have a crafty or creative take on the Advent calendar? Please share!