Sunday Snippets

The weeks are flying by–positively flying. And here we are on the eve of Gaudete Sunday, and only ten days till Christmas. I think I’ve finally, finally nailed an appropriate set of activities to fill our Advent calendar, because we’re not feeling crazed this year. But I digress. Weekends are for linking up to RAnn’s Sunday Snippets: A Catholic Carnival blog hop. And today, here are my offerings:

The most important post of the week was this one: First World Problems. It’s also been the most widely-read.

For Advent Wednesday I borrowed some beautiful reflections from another blogger (with permission!).

I started my 7 Quick Takes with an anecdote that ties into the earlier post on poverty, etc., and ended it with a picture of our St. Lucy buns, while in the middle I talked about kids, dieting and a very Catholic kids’ book I’ll bet some of you will recognize.