It’s going to be one of Those Days. I can already tell.


First: have you entered Sarah Reinhard’s and my giveaway for a set of our Lenten books, Welcome Risen Jesus and Bring Lent To Life?  Sarah is graciously featuring me today on her 7qt post.


So…Julianna’s grandparents gave her a rosary kit for Christmas. This week we started working on putting it together.

P'wood Derby, outside Jan 13 007

Whatever, Mom.

One of the mystery beads

One of the mystery beads

I really like the setup of this kit–it has cards for each mystery, and Julianna loves cards. Call me dense, Mme. Cradle Catholic, but as I explained each mystery to her, for the first time I realized that the mysteries of the rosary are a compact story of Jesus’ entire life. How cool is that, for kids? Yes, I know, the rest of you figured this out long ago. Slap an L on my forehead, and let’s move on.


While we’re on the subject of kids and church, this is what I saw when I happened to glance down at Nicholas in the middle of the first reading last Sunday:

Your eyes do not deceive you. That is TWO, not matching, not-even-same-size right shoes. Guess which parent put the shoes on that morning? (Hint: NOT me.)

Your eyes do not deceive you. That is TWO, not matching, not-even-same-size right shoes. Guess which parent put the shoes on that morning? (Hint: NOT me.) I pointed it out to Christian and we both laughed until we cried. Missed that Scripture reading!


Miss Julianna turns six years old tomorrow. Let’s have a blog challenge, shall we? How many “happy birthday” comments can we get for her?


Now I’m coming up blank for 6 and 7. Actually I have a rant I want to share, but I can’t decide if it’s a good idea or not, so if I do I’ll put it in its own post next week.


My children are bickering, so I throw up my hands and quit.

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 205)

18 thoughts on “7QT

  1. The shoes are priceless.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the 6yo Julianna! 🙂

    And the rosary thing…made me laugh. Out Loud. I heard people SAY that before, and I’ve prayed it muchly. But I am not a cradle Catholic and I am also a slow learner. So when you worded it that way, though I nodded along, I also had a slap-my-forehead moment.

    Yeah, it IS cool for kids. Duh! 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday, Julianna!!! How sweet. Love the rosary kit, that’s sweet.

    And the shoes…that’s just great. I remember the time Helen showed up for preschool in a lavender summer skort (it was August, it was ok), a lime green t-shirt, orange socks and yellow crocs. She rocked it, seriously.

  3. Happy 6th Birthday Julianna!

    Loved the shoes…my 4 yr old daughter always, always wears her tennis shoes to church. I sometimes wonder what the other people think seeing her in a nice dress and tights…and running shoes! She has dressy shoes but she insists on wearing the tennis shoes “so I can run fast”. Being the only girl among 4 brothers, I guess that’s more important than fashion!

    • That’s funny! The battles we choose to fight, and all that. 🙂 Julianna’s just thrilled to finally have dress shoes to wear–her custom orthotics have prevented her from wearing any of the cute shoes little girls get to wear. Up till now she’s HAD to wear tennis shoes no matter how dressy she is. We got her boots for Christmas and she’s in heaven. I still don’t know what we’re going to do come summer. 😦

  4. I think I may have loved your remark about the rosary a little too much. I always feel like everyone is like, “GOSH! Silly convert!” and so I was a little over eager to be all like, “GOSH! Silly cradle Catholic!”

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