Something is Not Quite Right


Something is not quite right in my nursing corner. Something is missing.

Misc. feb. 13 021There’s the Bible, and Thomas Merton, my back pillow, my Boppy and my Medela nursing stool…but something is missing. Where is my daily devotional book? It’s not on the floor behind the chair, under the chair, under the stool or the Boppy or the night table or the bed. It’s not hidden in a pile of kids’ books that migrates in at story time and never seems to get put away. It’s not in the pile of stuff taken out of Michael’s hands and placed on the dresser to keep it out of his reach.

Where, oh where is my daily devotional book?

Misc. feb. 13 034Oh, there it is!

Apparently some little munchkin didn’t learn his lesson the last time he pulled the jewelry armoire down on himself. :/

(Oh, yes: in case you were wondering, it was missing for nearly two weeks.)

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