Sunday Snippets

Here we are again…does Lent seem to be crawling painfully slowly to anyone else this year? … 🙂 I’m sure it’s all that sickness in the house. And snow days. Sick days, snow days, and the worst ever ear infection, which probably got as bad as it did because we couldn’t get him to the doctor the day it came up. The city was shut down for snow. I tried to argue for the ER, but after it took six people half an hour to push, dig and otherwise force a stuck sedan up our street, I realized my husband was right; we couldn’t get to the ER anyway.

In any case, for those reasons Lent doesn’t have that focused, flame-like clarity I remember from other years. Too much yelling in the house, I guess. In any case, it is Sunday Snippets time for the Third Sunday of Lent, and we’re linking up with RAnn of This, That and The Other Thing. My offerings this week:

How Do You Power Down Your Brain?

Julianna’s latest speech habits, plus some Murphy-esque points to ponder.

Words of wisdom from St. Thomas Merton

and, on the lighter side, some fun kid moments.