Beautiful Moments (A Photo Post)

It’s been so busy lately, I hadn’t realized how many beautiful moments we were enjoying. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not as if they passed by unmarked. If I knew to get the camera, I was aware of them. I just didn’t realize how many had come crowded together.

This was the sixty-degree day in which the last snow melted, and we waited outside for Julianna to get home from school.

Michael & snow pilesThis was the seventy degree day that followed, when Nicholas began learning to ride a bicycle…

Nicholas bike…and Alex flew a kite around the remains of the snow….

IMG_9047…while Michael….well, you know Michael.

Michael in the puddleThat weekend was our pre-Down Syndrome Day party. I have so many great pictures of that event, such joy, such beautiful children, but they’re not my kids, so you’ll have to take my word for it and just enjoy pictures of mine:

Julianna face paint 1It took Julianna quite a while to warm up to the idea of face paint, but once she did, there was no stopping her:

Julianna Face Paint 2Nicholas jumped on the bandwagon, too:

Nicholas face paint

Meanwhile, the boys were having swords, bucklers, crowns and bow & arrows made for them in great quantity by the balloon man:

Balloon weaponsAnd Alex got to be assistant to the magician/comedian:

3-21, Castle Cake 063Which was very funny, as witness:

Alex laughLater there was dancing, which was super cute, but again–too many other kids involved for me to share pictures. During the dancing, Michael did what Michael does. Lately, that means steal shoes and walk with them on his hands:

Michael bear walkFortunately, they were Julianna’s. Because Julianna had stolen someone else’s shoes to dance in:

Julianna shoe thiefAfter all this, we entered the Crazy Week and I didn’t even look at the pictures until we had a whole new bunch of beauty in the form of a baby cousin come to visit:

Nicholas and IzzieAnd grandparents, too!

Grandpa with Michael & Nicholas3-21, Castle Cake 135More tomorrow, when I wrap up Nicholas’ 4th birthday celebration. At the moment, it’s time to run interference between bickering children. Whose idea was Spring Break, anyway?