The Gifts and Fruits of the Spirit (TLL Review and Excerpt)

ThisLittleLight_Beatitudes_CoverThis Little Light of Mine: Living the Beatitudes is written not only for use with children, but to help form the faith of the adults who work with them. Today’s excerpt, from Chapter 3: Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the land (the gifts and fruits of the Spirit), comes from the section for adults.

If there’s one thing you can count on, it’s that God will always turn expectations on their head. When the Jews set their sights on a Messiah who would drive the Romans out of Israel, God sent a baby so poor he was born in a manger. When Jesus’ disciples expected him to raise a grassroots rebellion, he instead emptied himself on the cross. Why is it that God considers the meek his own special ones?

Maybe it’s because they’re under no illusions about their own power and importance. When you have nothing, there’s no one to depend on but God….

We may never be meek in the physical sense of destitution, but we can aspire to separate ourselves from the things of the world and pursue a Godly meekness. Fortunately, the Spirit is waiting to give us what we need … the gifts and fruits of the Spirit.

Just Live It:

3. Institute a “one in, one out” policy in your household: establish a cap on toys, books, and clothes for both adults and kids in the family.

(From This Little Light of Mine: Living the Beatitudes, Ch. 3)

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