What I Did This Weekend

(Which is why I had to push so hard late last week, so I’d be ready to drop it all and go…)

Wkd Away 029 small

“Date night for couples: French Bistro.” We were in charge of preparing (most of) the salads.

Wkd Away 050 small

And we learned a lot about how to get a steak to cook properly (hint: hot pan!). And who doesn’t like flaming cognac?

Wkd Away 114 small

Sunday morning, we went to church here:

Wkd Away 127 small

(How’s that for a sense of scale?)


There was a reeeeeeally annoying 1/4-second delay with a tinny buzz in the sound coming from some side speaker in this gartantuan basilica…at least, that’s what I thought it was, and I was composing a “you might want to know” email to the staff in my mind and wondering if that would be presumptuous, even if I do have a music/liturgy background, when I realized what I was hearing was the bleed-through from the extremely old man sitting next to us, who had his audio aid turned up too loud. After that, I was able to tune it out.

After Mass we walked around a bit and I took a spin through the gift shop. Look what I found on display!

My book

Then it was bikes in the park and Star Trek: Into Darkness on the way home. (Loving what they’re doing with those characters.)

While the kids stayed home with grandparents and did this…
kids at playgroundAnd this….

Wkd Away 355 smallAnd relaxation was had by all. Except the grandparents, probably. 🙂 But you can’t begin to imagine the noise level and chaos when we arrived home last night to this:


And now it’s time to go plant those irises sitting beside the door…they’ve been there for over a week as it rained and rained and rained and rained and…well, most of you have been through it too. :/