Should Men Shave….Everything?

Actor Jude Law at the 2007 Toronto Internation...

Actor Jude Law at the 2007 Toronto International Film Festival. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As bloggers, sometimes we take ourselves too seriously. We get so caught up in the prettiness of our prose and the profundity of our thoughts, we start to think that the most important thing we do is get site traffic and lots of comments.

Well, yesterday I wrote a very heartfelt post, and your response warmed my heart. But I can’t possibly follow up yesterday’s post with something comparably profound, so here’s my contribution to taking the blogosphere a little less seriously.

So ladies: raise your hands if you have been irritated by the style of men walking around unshaven. I don’t understand this style at all. It looks so gross and sloppy. What is the attraction? Now, from the men’s point of view, yes, I can see the attraction: it would be nice not to have to shave every day. And your face needs a break from the razor once in a while. Got it. No problem. But to wear it as an everyday, all-the-time style? Really?

Ladies, what is attractive about this? You don’t seriously like kissing guys who haven’t shaved, do you? All that scratching making your chin raw and red? Do you really like him walking beside you looking like he just got out of bed, when you spent half an hour (or an hour, or two hours) doing your hair and makeup, and choosing an outfit? Someone please enlighten me!

On the other hand, there’s a counter movement that I find at least as creepy:

Whoa. Ew. Just…ew.

Give me my man clean-shaven on his face and leave the rest alone, thank you very much.

Okay, floor’s open. I know I’m not the only one with opinions on this matter.

24 thoughts on “Should Men Shave….Everything?

  1. Mary Anne Flesch

    I’m really going to open it up – why do women feel like they need to shave “everything?” There’s a reason God gave us hair in certain places…P.S.: I’m in agreement with where men should shave

  2. If there’s a “movement” for guys to “shave everything”, I haven’t heard about it. This seems more like an attempt by Gillette to sell more razors than anything.

    Personally, shaving is a pain, but I never liked having facial hair, so my face is clean shaven. I get annoyed with it long before I can grow it out to look decent.

    • You know, I was observing the young guys at the pool the other day and thinking that they were all hairless-chested. As in, waxed-smooth. These weren’t competitive swimmers, just young guys teaching little ones to swim. Then there’s this disgusting ad for a “lovers store” along the interstate with a bare-chested guy who, let’s be honest, was probably photoshopped, but the untextured nature of that man’s chest gives me the willies every time I drive by, wholly independent of what the store is hawking. So I know it’s for real.

  3. Jeanne G.

    My husband shaves his head and face, but he’s a very hairy man otherwise… and I do think that that commercial is weird. I can’t imagine him shaving more. It seems diva-ish to me.

    As far as women shaving, it’s part hygiene and part societal expectation (and sometimes partner’s wishes). I don’t know why women are expected to be more “hygienic” than men in this regard, but I’m okay with it for myself. I don’t like to be hairy, but my legs aren’t very hairy, so I rarely shave them.

  4. Carrie Evans

    I love my husband’s face to be clean shaven, but that’s all. If he had back hair, I would probably feel differently about that.

  5. My husband just came off a 4 day weekend where he didn’t shave, and I’ve got to say I really liked the look! To me, it makes him look more “rugged” or “outdoorsy”, more masculine. I would never want him to shave anywhere else, and I do know younger men who do that for their wives (must be a newer thing). Props to Gillette for picking up on it.

    My husband works at a bank and for the longest time they required their male employees to shave as part of the dress code (so my hubby was only allowed to sport the unshaven look on long weekends). The bank recently revoked that part of the code, so I guess the unshaven look is more in fashion these days. I remember my dad always grew a beard in the winter, so maybe I’m more bias on the facial hair. My husband doesn’t like growing beards, he says it starts to itch after awhile. But he does like doing the unshaven look on the weekends (and I like it too)!

  6. My husband doesn’t complain about my lack of shaving my legs except for absolute necessity (and I’m not excessively hairy) so I have a hard time complaining when he doesn’t shave for 3-4 days at a time. I prefer clean-shaven but again, give and take. And the autistic princess, she will only kiss and accept kisses from him clean shaven. She will feel his face too to make sure it’s acceptable!

  7. No

    Ha so funny, love a little girl chat. I guess I’m in the minority but I love a hot man with stubble (my husband)! Maybe it’s a sign of extra testosterone or seems slightly rebellious or Sean Connery or something, but I do find it sexy. I don’t like a full, bushy, Santa beard or anything. Actually, full stubble is a lot softer on the face than 5 o’clock shadow. And while we’re on the subject, I don’t care what my man thinks so much, but I like to be mostly hairless for my own… er… pleasure and comfort. Ok enough tmi for now. πŸ™‚

  8. Rachel

    I prefer my men to be trimmed up. not completely hairless but not wild and crazy hair everywhere and I do mean everywhere. My fiance wants his face to be clean shaven for our wedding day and I told him no because he looks like a little boy. If you have a little bit of scruff you look like a man and we need men!

    • Well, he’s your fiancΓ©! LOL…the scruffy at dress occasions is the part I really don’t get. Don’t be in a rush to make him look old, Rache, he’ll get there soon enough! πŸ˜‰

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