And then there are the good days…

STL field trip 126 small*

STL field trip 145 small*

STL field trip 153 small*

STL field trip 179Teaching a cousin to knee dive

STL field trip 185 small(who knew you could have so much fun at an Ob-Gyn’s office? Big brother was out in the waiting room playing Jet Pack Joy Ride on the iPad with a cluster of nine other kids gathered to watch. I have a picture, but I promised all the moms I only took it for me, so you’ll have to imagine it)

STL field trip 195aVisiting another great grandma, who has…

A player piano!

STL field trip 198 closeupSinging “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” to each other.

Nicholas wailed, “But I don’t WANT to leave great Grandma’s house!” File that one under the “awwwwww, what a delightful child” category while muscling him into the back of the van, anyway, teeth brushed, dressed for bed. Arrive home two hours later to this:

STL field trip 203 small