Sunday Snippets

It’s time for another gathering of Catholic bloggers at RAnn’s This, That & The Other Thing.

This week my posting followed a progression from frustration with one child’s strong-willed behavior to a nice respite found in a field trip day to a reflection on IQ versus emotional intelligence–which, you guessed it, is a Down syndrome post. The progression of frustration and not frustration this week culminated in my Friday post, which is all about getting organized by way of defining priorities a little more clearly. And that, of course, will be a long-term project, not the work of one blog post…. None of these are overtly “Catholic” posts, but life lived in faith, down at the nitty-gritty level, is always formed by faith and leading me along the journey. Especially when it’s uncomfortable. (I talked about that on Morning Air with Sean Herriott at 6:30 in the morning on Wednesday. Nice deep way to start the day, n’est-ce pas? 🙂 )