It’s Organization Week

weta (Photo credit: Jasmic)

At 3:30 this morning I woke up when Christian got up briefly. No big deal…he interrupted a terrible, vivid dream in which my mother was cooking dinner in my childhood home while I stood in the living room with my children, both adults keenly aware that five miles to the north was a pack of orcs headed our way with intent to murder and destroy. I was contemplating my first battle, knowing I had no training, and both I and my children were likely soon to be dead.

You can imagine I wasn’t too upset about my night’s sleep being interrupted.


My brain immediately went into gear: what am I going to blog about today? Shut up! You can figure that out while you’re driving to Jazzercise. A few minutes later Michael woke up wailing for water. Then my husband’s breathing got under my skin. Then Michael again. The precious remainder of my night was disappearing fast. Monday is my 5a.m. wakeup call to make sure my body’s fully awake in time for 5:45 Jazzercise. I could tell I wasn’t going to sleep anymore in my bed, so I went downstairs and mummified myself on the couch in throw blanket and pillows, as I have learned to do. And Michael shrieked again.  Wake up, Christian. I sent all my brain waves in his direction, but then Michael settled down. Only to fuss again, but with less conviction. And again, but by now I could tell he was going back to sleep. I exhaled my tension and started the rosary that helps my mind settle back into sleep.

And my alarm went off.

Summer is passing fast (some parts of me want to add, but not fast enough), and with the concepts presented in Organized Simplicity rattling around in my brain, I have a purpose for the rest of it. My orcs, the ones I have to battle, are excess toys, books, and junk. So this week I’m blogging fast and furious so I can dedicate my oodles and oodles of spare some time to decluttering and simplifying.  Tomorrow’s topic: thoughts on maintaining weight loss.