10 Things You Might Not Know About Me


Generally speaking I think it’s a good idea to follow up a really heavy post with something light. (Translated: I can’t sustain that emotional level two days in a row.) Since yesterday’s post broke another personal stats record, I need an easy blogging day. And since RAnn has instituted a Sunday Snippets question of the week, I’m going to answer it by sharing 10 things you might not know about me. Have fun. I know my life is the center of your universe. (Cough-NOT-cough.)

  1. My favorite picture ever taken of me.

    My favorite picture ever taken of me.

    I learned to match pitch before I was in kindergarten, and yet in my home parish and even in my family, no one knew I could sing until I’d been gone for a decade, because all they ever let me do was play my flute. Ironically, now that I’ve earned a Bachelor and a Master of flute performance, no one lets me play; all I get to do is sing.

  2. Speaking of singing, I’ve sung in front of Sheryl Crow. With a sore throat.
  3. When my grandparents lived in Michigan, they knew Madonna’s family. Somewhere I have several snapshots Grandpa took of her at age seven. I’d like to share that but the file isn’t on the computer, and the photo CD has been sent offsite with the other photo backups for safe keeping. Boo.
  4. I have a lot of opinions. And I probably air them more often than I should. Which is why I will never be in politics, or a good political wife.
  5. I analyze, therefore I blog.
  6. I’m an introvert. I know that sounds ridiculous, considering I lay my whole life out there, but there’s a big safety zone between me and other people. It’s called a screen. In person I shrivel up unless I know exactly what my role is in a situation. And I hate the phone.
  7. I had only three dates in all of high school. And all of them were reaaaaaaally awkward.
  8. Almost every night around 7:45 my husband yells, “There’s too much nakedness in this house!” But man, it’s cute nakedness. I’m a sucker for little kid skin.
  9. I’m crazy about Russia and all things Russian. Stravinsky, Rimsky-Korsakov and Rachmaninov are probably my favorite composers. I dream of getting to see a ballet and opera at the Bolshoi.
  10. We once were at the top of the list to adopt from Russia. As in, the Russian government passed over us in favor of the #s 2 and 3 on the list, in an attempt to clear the backlog. (We were asking for two kids, and #s 2 and 3 only wanted 1 each.) Thank God, when we got that call we’d just found out we were finally expecting.

So there you go. Ten things you might not have known about me. Care to play along? Share one thing “about you” in the comments. 🙂

21 thoughts on “10 Things You Might Not Know About Me

  1. Ok. I will copy one of your’s. I’m an introvert, too. I hate the phone too. Why do you think that is? Perhaps I’m nervous about what I’m going to talk about.
    Love your list.

  2. I hate talking on the phone. Unless I am talking to my sisters, my dad’s sister or my dad.

    I learned recently that introvert doesn’t mean necessarily that you are shy — but that you are not ENERGIZED by being around people and that you need to recharge after you have been around people (like…it exhausts an introvert to be around lots of people. I used to think I was an introvert, but now I think I’m in the middle. I do not necessarily get energized being around lots of people, but I do — by nature — need to reach out to people regularly or I get depressed. So I guess I am an extrovert…but probably not so much on the strong side (I hate parties, for instance).

    • That would explain a lot about me. I definitely am not energized in unstructured situations. Going outside myself takes a real emotional investment. I haven’t ever had a chance to be away from people long enough to know how I’d react. As I’m thinking about it, it occurs to me that I’ve never understood the feeling of isolation other SAHMs sometimes express. Which probably means I don’t have the social needs that others do.

      • That is the defining difference between extroverts and introverts. Extroverts need to be with people to get their energy. Being alone drains them. Introverts need alone time to get their energy. Being with people drains them (us). Sometimes I disappear during a social thing. My husband calls it my cave time!

  3. Beautiful picture! I’m an introvert with a daughter who is an extrovert (oh how we used to fight!) and an introvert daughter who has an extrovert little girl. I hope she handles it better than I did.

  4. archaeologycat

    I’m with you on the phone and being introverted!

    Let’s see. I knew I wanted to be an archaeologist after my dad managed to get me on a dig when I was 10. Then I ended up with a bad knee and two knee surgeries by the time I was 20, so no more digging for me.

  5. barbaraschoeneberger

    I’m an introvert, too. Hate parties, crowds, pot lucks, etc. Need a structure in which to operate and am perfectly happy being alone for long periods of time.

  6. Another introvert here. Every time I am with others for any length of time I need some serious recovery and meeting new people (in person) is absolutely terrifying. Because of this, the internet has been a blessing for sure!

    My hatred of talking on the phone stems from when I worked as an account executive in an insurance agency. I spent almost all day being yelled at and trying to reinstate polices because people just wouldn’t pay their premiums on time!

    Thanks for sharing your list. 🙂

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