7 Quick Takes In Cute Pictures


Michael Mayhem, Illustrated:

Michael Mayhem Illustrated

(I neglected to mention what he’s doing on the step: ringing the doorbell repeatedly. As in, trying to wear it out.


The Lone Ranger Reads:

The Lone Ranger Reads___3___

Close Encounters of the Sea Lion Kind:

August 2013 021 small___4___

The Obligatory Carousel Picture:

August 2013 085 small___5___

The envy of every exhausted zoo-walking parent:

August 2013 071 small___6___

Biggest and Littlest, Same Age, Same Shirt:

August 2013 124 small___7___

And if you really want heavy content, after all that adorable-ness, my post on why people are leaving the church hit pretty big this week. Probably because it’s provocative.