Sunday Snippets

Joining up with RAnn’s This, That and the Other Thing Sunday Snippets: A Catholic Carnival on this Labor Day weekend. Our question of the week is: What ministries are you involved in at your parish? My husband and I lead the “contemporary” ensemble at our parish, and we teach natural family planning through the Couple to Couple League. Those are both pretty intensive, especially considering the four kids, so we don’t do any more than that on a regular basis. Before kids I was liturgy and music director full-time at our parish, and before that I was Life Teen music director at another parish in town.

My contributions this week:

In Which A Road Trip With My Kids Provides Me Boundless Material For A Blog Post

What I Love About Michael


(all of those falling in the “antics of cute Catholic kids” category)

The Line Between Doing Too Much And Nothing At All