Sunday Snippets


Welcome to my corner of Sunday Snippets: A Catholic Carnival! Today RAnn asked us to share two Catholic blogs we enjoy. Kassie joined the Church just a couple of years ago and has a really fresh outlook on Catholicism. She hasn’t been blogging that often lately, and she’s been focusing more on fiction, but every time I see her site go “live” in my reader, I jump right to it. I also really enjoy The Practicing Catholic…because with a name like that (double meaning: “I-go-to-Church-Catholic” vs. actually practicing, i.e. devoting time and energy to, your faith), how can you not?

Okay, now for my turn.

My grandmother passed away this week, which prompted two posts: Ninety-Eight and On Death, But Without Being Morbid. Oddly enough, I didn’t get much traffic on that second post. Can’t imagine why. 🙂 Actually, it’s full of little face-palm moments in which Nicholas tries to wrap his head around the concept of death. And I learn, finally, about the communion of saints.

Then there was this: Sex, Love and Women’s Fiction

And I gave an update on Julianna.

According to Word Press, this is my 126th post titled Sunday Snippets. How time flies!

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