It’s A Girl!

1st day school 019 small
(She’s wearing the necklace in this photo)

I always wanted a girl. A little girl to dress in adorable clothes–because girl clothes are just so adorable! A little girl who would love pretty things and horses and unicorns and…

You know, I’m kind of drawing a blank on how to continue that sentence, because the girl I got? Well, she’s, er, not a girly girl. She’s more a “don’t-you-dare-touch-my-hair-you-foul-woman-what-do-you-think-you-are-doing-with-that-hair-bow?-I-HAAAAAATE-floofy-skirts-and-I-will-SCREAAAAAM-if-you-make-me-wear-them” kind of girl.

At least, she was.

In July, our last day in Colorado, we were shopping downtown Estes Park, looking for appropriate souvenirs for the kids. We’re really picky about souvenirs because the junk factor in the house is so annoying. Alex had chosen a pocketknife with his name and the mountains burned on it. Nicholas is collecting snow globes. But Julianna? She kept going after stuffed animals (NO, NO, and N!O!). And then I spotted a rack of necklaces and grabbed the first one that caught my eye: a kokopelli. “Julianna, do you like this?”

Her entire body language lit up. “YEAH!” she cried. We could barely pry it out of her hands to give it to the cashier. She wore it every day for two weeks.

It’s not a total transformation, but she’s latched on to another necklace and a bracelet I had kept around for her to wear. She wants to wear Christian’s ring all the time. She’s all into sparkly shoes and she wants to show off all her new pretties to her teacher.

Cover of "Goldilicious (Pinkalicious)"
Cover of Goldilicious (Pinkalicious)

She’s gone crazy about horses–she always liked horses well enough, but oh, my goodness, now? This is a girl who resists anything new–anything–won’t consent to read an unfamiliar book, for instance…except when she saw that I brought home “Goldilicious” and “Claire and the Unicorn” from the library. Heaven.

It took six and a half years, but I finally, finally have my girl!

(And you thought this was a baby announcement, didn’t you? 🙂 )