Sunday Snippets

It is time to join up with the Sunday Snippets crowd again over at RAnn’s This, That & The Other Thing (mostly) book blog. This week, she asked us to answer: “Who is your favorite saint?”

I just discovered Maximilien Kolbe last year and his story just caught my heart. I’ll stretch it a bit and add that I also have tremendous respect for Mother Teresa and John Paul II, and stretch a bit farther to say that Thomas Merton is rocking my world lately. (Have you read New Seeds of Contemplation? If you haven’t…do so…NOW.)

My posts this week:

Marriage Has Made Me Free

In my almost-wordless Wednesday post, you get to see Alex’s St. Michael costume, which he’s been preparing for his class’s celebration of All Saints Day next week.

Words matter (A Primer on Disability Language. In particular this one is interesting because another mother of a person with special needs offered a very different outlook in the comments. So read the comments, too!

And if you want the kid stuff, and a picture of me with my new red hair, click here. But there’s nothing even remotely Catholic in that post.