Sunday Snippets

Time for another linkup of Catholic bloggers at RAnn’s This, That & The Other Thing, where today we are answering the question: “Do you have any recipe you make for religious reasons–ie to celebrate a religious holiday or to teach kids something about the faith or to help you remember something about your faith or as a prayer?”

My answer: we’ve done St. Lucy buns the last couple of years, but like RAnn’s kids, I’m not sure they got the point. It takes all my energy just to get them made! Actually, come to think of it, we’ve done Tres Leches cake for Trinity and/or Juan Diego & Guadalupe. But it’s certainly not something we do regularly.

This week I did almost exclusively pictures of the kids. You can just scroll through the blog if you’re interested in seeing those.

Last week, though, I revisited the struggle with anxiety. I posted other things, but that’s probably the one you’d find most interesting. Happy blogging, folks!