Sunday Snippets

Time for another gathering of Catholic bloggers over at RAnn’s This, That & The Other Thing blog hop! Care to join us? Today’s question of the week is: What are your family’s (non-religious) Christmas traditions?

My answer: Errrrr….

I’m punting to my husband’s family, because mine adjusted everything around church choir obligations and extended family gatherings. Although I’m sure one of my sisters will correct me if I’m blanking on some perfectly obvious and inviolable tradition. Although I guess gingerbread men count, don’t they?

My husband’s family, however, has deeply detailed traditions, mostly food-related. (They are Italian after all.) Fish soup on Christmas Eve. And an egg-drop soup that um, we’ve abandoned in our house. Santa comes overnight and no one is allowed downstairs until everyone is ready. Christmas Day is spent at home with the immediate family, playing with the new toys, and a big lasagna dinner with cannoli and other Christmas cookies for dessert.

So that’s my contribution. As for relevant posts:

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