Sunday Snippets

It’s Sunday Snippets time over at This That & The Other Thing. Come join us!

This week’s question is whether we like the questions of the week. I notice not everyone is doing them, which I’m sorry to see, because by and large I think it’s interesting to see what people’s experiences are. I don’t always have anything deeply profound to add, but I like there being a teeny bit of real content in my otherwise-all-link posts.

I haven’t written much over the Christmas season… it is my respite time. But I did have some thoughts on the typical sanitized version of the nativity story. And here is a short gallery of cute pictures illustrating what the end of Advent looked like in our household.

And oh, I have to share my 7 Quick Takes, because every mom deserves to crow a bit when she gets through (or mostly through) toilet training. Right?