Sunday Snippets

I have been absent from Sunday Snippets over at This, That & The Other Thing for several weeks. It’s been crazy! Is anybody else past ready for spring? But I’m back this week to share with my fellow Catholic bloggers.

Question of the week: name a favorite book and tell us what you like about it.

Well, other than the ubiquitous Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice, I can’t possibly choose only one book. Right now I’m in the middle of The Help and I’m caught between wishing it would go on forever and feeling anxious to go on to more great books. The Help is one of those books that’s been hyped up so high, you don’t want to read it just out of sheer cussedness, or at least a certainty that nothing lives up to the hype. Well, this one does. As a writer I’m in awe of how instantly sympathetic these three point-of-view characters are. It makes me despair of ever being a good writer.

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