Numbers (or: Burnout)


I can always tell when I’m getting burned out. First I get panicky about fitting in blogging, exercise and work. Then I can’t think of anything to blog about. Then I forget altogether and go downstairs to write music instead (hello, Wednesday Feb. 19th)!

I’m sure many people can empathize with the count I’m about to share, so view this as solidarity rather than whining, okay?

In the last 13 weekdays, we have had:

  • 5 snow days
  • 1 holiday
  • 1 teacher work day
  • 1 early release day
  • 2 days of Valentine parties (disclaimer: I skipped one of them)

I’ve spent a lot of days getting up blisteringly early (even by my own reckoning), which speeds the burnout process, and now I feel a sore throat and coated lungs coming on. Not only am I out of energy, I’m out of inspiration. That’s where you come in. What do you most like to read here? What topics should I cover? Inspire me! Pretty please? (begs the woman with a wailing toddler clinging to her because, well, frankly, you don’t want to know what HE has.)

So I’m going to ask you to w

8 thoughts on “Numbers (or: Burnout)

    • The kids seems to be coming up regularly. 🙂 Must remember that. I have a couple writing topics I’d like to hit as well–maybe I should just go for broke!

      On Wed, Feb 19, 2014 at 5:48 PM, So much to say, so little time wrote:


  1. Therese Sander

    What can I say except that the kids posts are my most favorite. (What else would you expect from Grandma:) Seriously, though, I think the appeal comes from their innocence an exuberance and the unexpected. Those of us too old to have young ones any more relish the stories that remind us of their sweetness as well as their challenges that all made us better for having been through it ourselves once.

  2. Hey, posting about the burnout is as inspiring and honest as it gets at times. See, even seeing that you all of those hiccups to your month, and how that effects your blogging and the rest of your life–that interesting! We’re all trying to find the balance in our lives and the time to make it work. Thanks for being real and sharing your struggles.

  3. Christina

    I LOVE when you write about writing. And I LOVE when you write about the kids. I eat up your insights (be it successes or trials) about balance.

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