Nicholas snazzyOn a beautiful Sunday evening, the whole neighborhood goes outside, something deep in our hearts feeling a need to connect with creation in some small way, even if it only means spraying the neighbor’s car with a hose. As soon as dinner–also eaten outside, on the deck–is finished, Nicholas shouts, “Can I go play with G?”

When we finish washing dishes, the rest of us go outside. Our neighbor smiles and chuckle as she watches Nicholas. “Your kids are going to be such heartbreakers,” she says. “The other day he came over and knocked on the door wearing his suit. I said, ‘Wow, look at you! Don’t you look good!’ And he said, ‘Yup. I just came from church. Perhaps I should wear my vest.'”

Yes, you read that correctly. He puffed out his chest and said Perhaps I should wear my vest.

All I can think is Christian’s reaction when he saw this picture:

Nicholas mischief eyes-small
Age 2

“We’re gonna have trouble with this one,” he said.