Sunday Snippets


It’s been far too long since I joined you all. It’s just been one of those, er, calendar years. But anyway, here I am, ready to join back up for Sunday Snippets: A Catholic Carnival.

Question of the week: share a memory of your First Communion. Hoo-boy. I’m about to show my scars. And my self-centeredness. It has to do with my first communion dress, and I already talked about it here, in Take #3.

On to this week’s posts:

After a very heavy Lent, in which I spent my time reflecting on the Stations of the Cross, I’ve been really into kid posts lately. My two major posts recently were: Parenting In Fear and What Do They Hear?  But this week was mostly about Nicholas: Heartbreaker and Adventures in Tee Ball With Mr. Jabberbox. And Big Boys, Crazy Hair, & Sex Ed.

Happy Mothers Day! I may just post tomorrow instead of Monday…we’ll see.

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