Happiness Is… (a 7QT post)

I’ve been feeling particularly snarky lately, and although I realized it before it was pointed out to me, the fact that it got far enough that someone had to point it out to me gave me that “ew, guilty conscience” feeling. Who wants to listen to me gripe all the time? So today is about things that make me happy.


Julianna’s freckles. Oh. My. Word. I adore those freckles. They just popped out in the last few months, and they make me so happy.

Freckles 1

Freckles 2


Julianna’s hugs. She is so stinking sweet about them. She knows she can render me powerless with two words: “Mommy, snuggle.”


The fact that our complement of choir babies now outnumbers their elders. And the fact that we have two wonderful, devoted women who have volunteered of their time to supervise the….you know, “zoo” doesn’t quite do justice to it. We truly have 15 children in the nursery for some of our choir rehearsals. I love the fact that so many young families have chosen to make this commitment to ministry. It is humbling and a true cause for praise and gratitude.


The way Alex loves to play with Michael. It makes my heart hurt in the best of ways to see my oldest and youngest loving each other so hard. Alex doesn’t believe it. He thinks Michael doesn’t like him. He can’t see, as I do, that Alex is Michael’s #2 favorite person in the entire world. He even beats out Daddy–although Daddy’s giving him a run for his money lately.


Speaking of Daddy…this makes me happy:

K and C

Taking a picture of just the two of us on Father’s Day. (Of course, pictures can lie. Because the middle two children were determined to photo bomb this picture. But digital editing is a great thing. Even if all I know how to use is the crop tool.)


Taking Alex to the food bank this week to help with a huge load of potatoes. I have to admit, it was not a pleasant task. Let’s just say there was a reason this particular load of potatoes was donated. Still, it felt good to do something for others, and especially to do something for others with one of my children along.


Nicholas’ happiness going to summer school. He adores it. He runs to the bus every day…



Nicholas school bus