Meet the Treehouse



Over the Fourth of July, our family got together at my parents’ farm to build a treehouse, the look of which was designed by Alex and his cousin, and the engineering of which was puzzled out by my dad, repurposing boards from bins in the upstairs of the garage (you can see pictures of that interesting building here).

This is no wimpy treehouse. As Christian says, “It’s more like a deck in a tree.” Although there are a few finishing touches awaiting completion, Dad and the kids basically completed their work last week while I was at NPM convention. So…

Behold: the treehouse!
Treehouse 1


Treehouse 2

Treehouse 8

Treehouse 7

Treehouse 11

In case you’re wondering…the kids and I were facing my parents at the north end of the treehouse. All together, the seven of us occupied about a third of the treehouse.

Yup. My dad rocks.