Sunday Snippets


Joining up with the gang over at RAnn’s This, That & The Other Thing for Sunday Snippets: A Catholic Carnival. Our question of the week is: do you use Facebook, and do you use it to promote your blog?

My answer: yes and yes, although I do much more on FB than just my blog publicity. The conventional wisdom for writers (is there such a thing where internet is concerned?) says to use whichever platforms you’re going to use well, and don’t spread yourself too thin. Facebook is my “thing.” I don’t get Twitter. I just can’t make it work. FB, though, has been a real blessing to me as it has allowed me to develop relationships with people I might never have met otherwise. I have an author/composer page, but I do a lot more with my personal one. I didn’t intend it to be that way when I set it up, but that’s how it’s turned out.

I’ve been spotty the last several weeks (er, months?), so here are the highlights:

Where I Spent Last Week, And What I Learned From It

Kids Who Write Songs, NPM Memories, and Other Quick Takes–I include this b/c it contains what little “unpacking” I did of my faith/musical experience at the National Association of Pastoral Musicians convention.

A bit farther back was Birth Control Really Isn’t Health Care In The First Place, followed up by What It’s Like To Practice Natural Family Planning.

And for those who follow the anxiety posts, here’s another: Learning To Deal.

There’s more, but I think that’s quite enough. Time to see what others have to say!

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