Operation: Dust Wars


There are days when a blogger has to rack her brains for something worth writing about. And then there are days when the kids write…er, act out…the material in real time.

I love those days.

Alex invited his bestie along for a field trip to the farm last week. They explored for a while…

Dust War Buddies and then, in the old hay barn, now filled with resting equipment, they found their memory of the day.

Presenting…DUST WARS.

Dust War Boys

Dust War Alex

Dust War E

Dust War E neck

Dust War Feet

Dust War Shoe

Clean up in a bucket? Oh heck. Might as well have a water war, too.

Dust War Water 3

Dust War Water 2

Dust War Water 1

Well, fine, then. Let’s round out the day by burying each other in rocks.

Dust War Alex Head

Dust War E.

Might as well bury all the boys as none.

Dust War Nicholas

Dust War Michael head

And I overheard my father say to my mother, a mother of four girls: “Aren’t you glad you didn’t have four BOYS?”


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