A Writer’s Life


On Friday morning, at the end of two weeks’ worth of puzzling and researching options for how to take this Write-at-home-mom gig mobile, I picked up a laptop from surplus to try out. I carried it around all morning, to Jazzercise and speech therapy and the copy shop and music-dropoff. I felt all grown up and professional, even though the computer has to be wiped before I can even access it, and the battery has to be replaced because it won’t run unless it’s plugged into the wall.

On Friday afternoon I finished redesigning my website. Further cause to feel all real-author-ish.

On Friday evening my husband looked at the site and went, “Meh.” And I went:

Blog Silly Face

On Saturday morning, I went running at 6:30. I did not want to go. But I psyched myself up by thinking warm-glow thoughts. Thoughts like how close I am to finishing the novel revisions I undertook after I got the first-round critiques of the Rising Star contest. The fact that I’ve finished enough nonfiction deadlines to contemplate starting the next novel. (What a concept!)

On Saturday afternoon, I was certain that my book was terrible and I’m a complete fraud.

On Saturday evening, I went out with my husband to celebrate our anniversary. We had dinner and then did a photo shoot in the Governer’s Garden. He took 190 shots to see if we could come up with a new author photo. The shots with the flute came out. Those without? “Brooding,” he scolded me. “Smile!”

“Make me laugh,” I said.

“You have four kids,” he said deadpan, and for some reason I started giggling.

After Facebook made collages of us for our anniversary and we realized the only pictures it had to choose from were eighteenth-century dressup and family pictures, we decided we also needed pictures of ourselves. I’m in love with these pictures.

Blog CK1 Blog CK2

And now, a new week: back to drafting, editing/revising, website redesign 2.0, and technology obsession. But now you have to help me choose my professional photos.

Option 1: Chin-in-hand serious

108 crop low

Option 2: Chin-in-hand smile

104 crop low

Option 3: Looking Up

22 crop low

Option 4: Slightly blurry (but maybe I can fudge it for tiny online stuff?)

9 crop lowI intended to add a poll but Word Press must have stopped supporting them, so just shout out a number in the comments.

Thanks all!





21 thoughts on “A Writer’s Life

  1. I like the blurry one best, (but not because it is blurry). Second is chin in hand smile (I don’t like your hand blocking so much of your face, but the face is nice).

  2. Therese Sander

    Option2, then 4. In #1, your eyes are shaded enough to look black. INumber # is the one where your head isn’t clipped off at the top, but your expression looks artificial.

  3. leticiacvelasquez

    I’d say number two but you are too romantically involved to even think about writing in that one! So the first one is my favorite.

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