Julianna’s Portraits, Going Mobile, and Other Quick Takes



The fall portrait taking has begun. Julianna looked so pretty on Sunday morning, I sent her outside with Daddy and the camera–and Nicholas, who tagged along as a roadie. Care to weigh in?

1                                                 2                                               3

J Portraits 021 small J Portraits 022 crop small J Portraits 088 crop small

J Portraits 099 crop small

J Portraits 106 crop small

4                                                   5


Random picture of my kids at a recent Down syndrome group event--a music therapy night

Random picture of my kids at a recent Down syndrome group event–a music therapy night

One thing about having That Child Who Won’t Shut Up, Even When He Has Lost His Voice…for the first time, I know what one of my children is doing all day at school. In copious detail. Wow!


The write-at-home mom gig has been mobile for a little over two weeks now, and I’m in love. I’ve always hated laptops but my ability to finish projects in an efficient manner has skyrocketed. I no longer have to upload from the NEO to the computer in real time and then go back and correct the formatting (italics, bold, centering, em-dashes, hyperlinks, apostrophes). But the new reality of my life–for now, at least–is that I am emailing versions of documents to myself for download on the home computer and the laptop. Built-in backups, baby. So far I’ve managed to stay off Facebook on my laptop; I’ve only logged on twice, and that only for genuine business communications. I’m using the computer appropriately, in other words.


In cleaning out my NEO bag to transfer to my computer bag, I stumbled across this quote:

“The prayer comes before every action and at the conclusion of every deed–but in the middle, we work!”

In other words: don’t sit around praying and waiting for God to fix things. You have a job to do, too!

This was a quote from Fr. E., whom I mentioned once before, in my somewhat disastrous Mommy-Is-The-Assumption-Accompanist story. I love his homilies for their simple, direct way of phrasing things, a gift of translating from native tongue to English.


This? This is worth the long video.


Do you ever get junk mail that makes you think, “Hello? What in my purchase history could POSSIBLY make you think this has ANY chance of making me buy something?”

Case in point:


Yeah, I get it. Or not. Really, people. You picked the wrong person to send this to.

And this is illustrates why copywriting is one area of word-smithing in which I have less than zero interest.


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4 thoughts on “Julianna’s Portraits, Going Mobile, and Other Quick Takes

  1. My favorite pics are numbers 3 and 4 but they are all precious!

    I have never gotten used to using the laptop the way I should. Granted, I am not a book author or anything, but when we got the laptop, I had visions of using it all the time for blogging…but that really hasn’t happened at all.

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