Notes From the My-Kids-Are-Geniuses Files and Other Quick Takes


Last night, I came home from swim lessons to find Christian doing dishes and watching Casino Royale. “You know,” he said, “I think Nicholas is James Bond.”

??? I said.

“Yeah–he gets the job done, he charms all the ladies, but when he gets back ‘home’ he’s a maverick who won’t cooperate with the rules. And the head lady loves him even though he drives her crazy.”



Genius Files #1: Yesterday afternoon, Nicholas started playing around with a ball of yarn he found. He was tying it to the spindles of the stairs, and he asked Alex to help him tie it to the pantry door handle ten feet away. Three minutes later he was wailing because Alex wouldn’t let him “help.” Sigh.


“Michael,” Christian warned, “stop jumping on the couch. You’re going to hurt yourself!” Cue child launching himself into space and the sound of hard head meeting hard glider rocker. Followed by the sound of a wail. Geniuses, I’m telling you.


RAnn, the book blogger who hosts Sunday Snippets: A Catholic Carnival, is doing a giveaway of The “Lily” books. I’ve read most of these books because they center around a person with Down syndrome. The first one made me laugh so hard I cried. And then I cried just because I was crying. That first one in particular is just about as vivid a picture of raising a child with DS as you can possibly get. Head on over to check out RAnn’s post!


I’m soul searching this week, and it makes me moody and unhappy with myself. The thing about soul searching is it won’t contain itself to one area of life. It has to reach fingers out into all areas. No part of the soul is safe. It’s good for you, but it’s no fun at all.


In ten days I find out the “verdict” on Michael and early childhood Sped. They sent me an enrollment packet this week, so that seems like a good sign.


I’m so moody and blank, I think I’m quitting. 7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes about South Dakota, The Shoe Song, rap battles, and why I should not ask people if I can pray for them