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First out of the box this week: I am collecting “hilarious/awesome/tear-jerking things kids say about faith/God/religion.” Please, pretty please, share your kids’ in the comment box?


Updates to last week’s medical drama: a) Julianna is well, but still tires easily. b) I went to the massage therapist, who found that what I have is not plantar fasciitis but two of the “mimic” conditions. The problems lie deep within my calves and after one session yesterday I can already feel an enormous difference. Hopefully in another week–or less–I can start back to impact exercise. c) Nicholas came down with strep throat. A first in our house.


Photo by Mike_fleming, via Flickr

At 5:55 on the morning after his fever presented, I was working on the computer when I heard him whimpering as he went into the bathroom. I went up to him, and he wrapped himself around me. “When do we go downstairs and open our presents?”

“Uh….” I said. “It’s not Christmas, honey.”

“It’s not?”

“I think you were dreaming,” I said, and went on to remind him of all the exciting things still to be lived before we get to Christmas. He was crushed. To be honest, his forehead was so hot, I worried for a moment he might be hallucinating. Still, we got a chuckle out of that one.


Fall Portraits familyboys 211 smallThis week was Michael’s special ed evaluation. He was tested at 34 months, so in order to qualify, he had to have a speech-language-communication “age” of 22.6 months. His “age” was 21 months. They decided to put him in a preschool classroom that was created basically, though not in name, for kids with apraxia. He’ll go four days a week for 2 1/2 hours beginning on the first of December. We’re meeting his new teachers later today.

I shared all this with my family by email and got at least two responses that were attempting to buoy my spirits for the depressing news, and I thought, No, no, you’ve got it all wrong. FOUR MORNINGS A WEEK with no kids in the house???????? I’m going to get so much done!

Ew. That makes me sound like a bad mom.


I have been doing National Novel Writing Month for the past seven days. I have mixed feelings about NaNo. This is not how I write, especially a new project. A book starts to flow when I know the characters, but I don’t get to know the characters until I’ve written them for quite a while. It’s kind of a catch-22. I don’t expect to “win” for a number of reasons, but I am trying to work for the moment as if I do expect to win, and I’m feeling the pressure. It’s high anxiety. Which is ridiculous.


Blog-MusicAnd then I had a conversation yesterday with a friend who also writes church music. It was a wakeup call for me. I love writing essays and stories, and it energizes me–but I’m telling you, every time I sit down at the piano and write music, I get up feeling twenty pounds lighter. It’s like my whole body and soul comes alive. Once before, I did a major priority shift in order to make time for writing fiction. I think it is time for another one to allow me time to write more music.


Finishing up with a grrr for extremely, extremely exciting things I’m not allowed to talk about. Sigh. I know. As I would say to my children, “Your life is soooo difficult.”

(No, I am not pregnant!)

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6 thoughts on “Seven Quick Takes

  1. Christy

    I collect these throughout the year to put in my kids’ scrapbooks, which is why they’re so handy!
    4yo bedtime prayer: “Dear God, watch over me tonight. And Angels, watch over my animals. And God, help me to behave ‘cuz you haven’t been helping. Amen.”
    4yo: “Mommy! This morning I heard fire trucks and so I said the Hail Mary prayer. There were three fire trucks so I said the Hail Mary prayer three times!”
    4yo in a LOUD whisper at Holy Thursday Mass in the front row when the altar girl with the incense stops in front of us: “Mom! It smells like cookies!”
    5yo version of the Golden Rule: “I threw the [big, wooden] plane at D because he threw it at me. That’s what the Golden Rule says to do: Do to other people what they do to you.”
    6yo noticing the church’s mailbox for the first time: “I didn’t know God had a mailbox here!”
    2.5yo in the middle of a homily about Jesus bringing hope: “Jeshush. Bring. Hulk?”
    2.5yo dinner prayer: “Bless bless Lord. These gifts. ‘Ceive. Bless bless bless bless bless bless. . . Christ, Lord, Amen.”
    3yo on the Easter story: “There were some bad guys and they put Jesus on a cross and he died. Then they deaded him and put him in a toon and put a rock in front. Then they moved the rock and the toon was empty!”

  2. When my big ones were about 6 and 9 they prayed for twins so they could each have one. Does that count? God decided they’d get a baby sister to share.

  3. Gail Froyen

    When our youngest grandson was four, he was looking at the Icon of Jesus on the cross that hangs in our sanctuary. After Mass he was talking with our daughter.

    Mom, what are those black dots on Jesus’ hands and feet?
    Well, those are the nails they put into his hands and feet to nail him to the cross.
    Oh, Yeah. And then they stood the cross up; isn’t that right?
    Yes, that is right.
    An then Jesus couldn’t breathe and he died.
    Yes, Clayton.
    And that is why we wear shoes.

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