Observations From A Road Trip To Disney World

This is what has been occupying my attention for the past several weeks:

Blog-family at castle

Planning, packing, cleaning feverishly in anticipation of, and then, of course, leaving.

But let’s face it. The only people who really want to read a post about Disney World are people who are, themselves, planning a trip to Disney.

So I thought instead of rhapsodizing about our trip, I would share some of the offside observations I had while on the road.

1. Until last week, I had never driven farther southeast than Nashville. I’ve flown to Florida, but I had never actually experienced the south. I hear a lot about southern hospitality (and I experienced some of that, most notably in Paducah, Kentucky, where we sailed into Saturday night Mass cough-cough-seven minutes late-cough-cough and the people were super sweet about offering us seats and tolerating our antsy kids).

2. As best I can tell, Kentucky, Tennessee and Georgia do not recycle. Or at least, they don’t believe in putting recycle containers in public, where travelers could find them.

3. I must preface this by saying that I live in a university town and I have always thought it quite diverse. We have a huge population of international students, a diverse group of naturalized citizens from many continents, and sizable African American and Hispanic populations. But when we stopped for dinner on Saturday, I felt like the minority. And that was a good thing for a white girl to experience.

4. Finally, some signage that made us double (or triple) take:

Disney Trip 597

Disney Trip 047 Disney Trip 602

Disney Trip 625

(because the best way to prevent more traffic fatalities is to put up distracting road signs….)

Disney Trip 032Uh…yup. Not in Kansas anymore.

Disney Trip 030

Disney Trip 620

Oh…kay, then.

Then there’s this:

Disney Trip 627

What does that even mean????

And for the last, you’ll have to click through, because when it flashed by, I was so shocked, I couldn’t even get the camera up in time to capture it. Wow. Just…wow.