Of Michael, Turning Three

How about a photo-heavy post of Michael?


Monday morning, Michael started early childhood special ed. It was so different from the last time we sent a child off to preschool at age 3. Unlike Julianna, who was a complete mystery at that age, Michael knew exactly what was going on, and he was all about it.

Michael backpack


This little guy has been chafing at the bit to be a Big Kid for as long as he’s been old enough to process the world. We forget sometimes, because of his speech delay, just how much is going on in there. I was worried that he might pull a sour-face-Mommy-clingy act when it was time to send him off to school, so I started saying, “You start school in one week! Are you ready to go to school like your big brothers and sister?”

He kept saying, “Yes,” but I wasn’t really sure he meant it. But he did. Boy, did he ever. By Thursday, he didn’t even consider it necessary to hug Mommy goodbye. Sniff sniff.


Age three is the beginning of Early Childhood sped, so this was a big birthday. From the moment Michael realized there were presents involved, he didn’t stop asking for them. The blowing-out-the-candles thing gave him a little trouble, i.e. singed nose hair.


Do you like the eye patch? That came with the $5 pirate sword we bought him at the Pirates of the Caribbean. He’s very into Captain Hook, and also into Darth Vader–not coincidentally, the two characters his big brothers were talking about/interacting with at Disney World. In fact, he found this helmet in the garage and has been barely willing to take it off to eat. It took me two days to realize he was calling himself Darth Vader. When we stopped to think about it we realized it kind of fits.


We often joke that Michael has the best head gear. To wit:

Michael Wolf Hat

This is Alex’s Disney souvenir, bought online after the fact because by the time we decided to buy one of these cold-weather hat-glove combos, they were all out at the parks after a week of decidedly non-Florida-esque weather. It’s the only thing he and Alex fight over. Otherwise they are a mutual fan club.

Love this picture. It illustrates so much. This is at Port Orleans Riverside, waiting for the bus.
Love this picture. It illustrates so much. This is at Port Orleans Riverside, waiting for the bus.


Speaking of head gear…

Michael Hat Hollywood Studios
Michael killing time while we wait for Alex and Nicholas to get regstered as “padawans” at ABC Studios in Hollywood Studios. This was the first day, about an hour before it started raining and the temperature plummeted.


It’s so hard for me to process that I have been through babyhood and toddlerdom with four children, and now I’m all preschool-and-up. There is wonder in contemplating this, and also some sadness. I just love babies, and Michael’s already asserting his independence from being chewed on.

Speaking of chewing on babies…this is kind of fun. 🙂

Have a great weekend and a blessed second week of Advent! And go visit other people on the 7 Quick Takes linkup!