Michael and other Quick Takes

Michael scowl

Even when he’s doing the “I WON’T smile” thing…


Michael’s always been a cute kid, but he’s entering that stage where he’s cute not just because of how he looks—in fact, he’s starting to look like a boy and not a baby—but because he says hysterically funny things. Or maybe they just seem that way to parents. But either way I’m going to inflict them on you.


Conducting at Christmas Eve, with two little boys sitting on the podium with me, tickling my legs, brings a whole new perspective to multitasking.

Conducting at Christmas Eve, with two little boys sitting on the podium with me, tickling my legs, brings a whole new perspective to multitasking.

My kids are generally pretty good eaters, but only because we’ve trained them to be. We break things down into vegetables, fruits and proteins, and they’re told they can’t have crackers, bread, sweets etc. until they’ve finished the other. So my kids are being indoctrinated into balanced eating at an early age. But the understanding of a newly-minted three-year-old is clearly not complete, as witness: At bedtime the other day, Michael came running out to us with an unopened loaf of bread. “Mommy, I hung-ee!” he shouted. “I want pwotein!”


I wasn't going to include this picture until I saw Nicholas' expression in the background.

I wasn’t going to include this picture until I saw Nicholas’ expression in the background.

Speaking of misunderstandings, we caught him flinging the cushions off the couch the other day and jumping on it, shouting, “Mommy, I, eck-a-size!”

Now come on. I know it’s annoying when people share random kid quotes, but that is cute!


Michael painterMichael picked his first-ever favorite Christmas song. Any guesses? No?

Jingle Bell Rock.

Of all the random songs to pick. Not Away in a Manger or even Frosty. Or Jingle Bells, for crying out loud! No, he loves “Jingle Bell rock.” Only it comes out more like “Dingo Behw Wock.”


Michael’s apraxia makes it hard for him to speak fluidly; he tends to speak with a comma between words. I wondered if singing might be easier because it’s already slower, but I’m not sure it really is. But it’s pretty cute:


All right, enough cuteness.

The first couple days back to school post-Christmas were a fever of productivity. And then came the Late Start Days. It was cold, and then there was a trace amount of mixed precip, so the district called a late start. When they do that, they cancel morning preschool. So Michael missed three days of school in a row, and the way they fell it translated to an entire week. And yesterday Julianna stayed home sick, and spent the morning sitting at my feet saying “Mommy look! Mommy look!” while I was attempting to work. I am trying to hold to my philosophical-shrug, it-is-what-it-is thing, but I’m not sleeping well, either and I am really hoping for better weather, sleep and overall ability to focus next week.


I’m sure I’ll come up with several more things I should have shared, but I got a late start today and it’s another busy one, so I’ll sign off. Head over to the linkup for more!

3 thoughts on “Michael and other Quick Takes

  1. Chrissy

    Hee hee, I think when I get around to building that family picture wall, I’ll use that first picture of Michael. Though I’ll change it before Aidan gets any ideas. And as to late starts, under ‘things people don’t tell you about motherhood’- at 4.5 months I have to pay attention to the school closings! 4 months! What the heck?! (Daycare closes- mostly b/c of the roads.) Okay so it’s no different then me paying attention to the Feds to see if I have to work, but I’ve discovered in the 2 weeks this has mattered in my life, that counties are much more fickle. (I know, I know, it’s likely because they are bigger than DC and not as urban. ) Sigh.

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