Stream of Consciousness

One blanket kids
Random unconnected cute kid picture, taken at prayer time last night. One kid sick, another getting sick.

For the second day in a row I am blank when it comes time to write a blog post. Last week was a real doozy of a productivity-killer…to wit: Monday was Presidents Day, and not only were the kids off school but we had eight inches of snow, too, and Christian worked from home, and somehow all those factors combined to intensify the feeling that it was impossible to do any work. Tuesday Michael had to stay home sick. Wednesday was Ash Wednesday, and between uncleared parking places, a longer-than-expected Mass, and carpool, I gave up all but about an hour of work time. Thursday it was bitterly cold, and the district called a late start, which meant Michael didn’t have school again.

The weekend involved birthday parties and piano recitals and two NFP presentations and one very, very sick husband.

So by the time this week rolled around I was ready for a focused, productive week, and I did not want to waste time and brain band width coming up with something profoundly personal to share on my blog. Luckily I am responsible for hosting an online book club discussion this week, and that provided me a good blog post. (Incidentally, have you checked in at the WF Café? You don’t have to have read the book—in fact, she’s giving away a copy to a FB commenter on Friday!)

But here I am, writing Wednesday’s post as I often do, sitting at Alex’s piano lesson, and I am at least as worn down as I was two days ago. Again with the sick child staying home from school…and now it’s working its way through my system, too.

So here I am, stream-of-consciousness writing. I would love to write about the novel-writing process, because it’s intensely interesting…to me. I know it’s not so interesting to those of you who come here, though. I thought about lifting all my Facebook/Twitter updates from the past few days, because the kids have been full of laughable-and-face-palm-able moments lately. But a good number of you see those on, yanno, Facebook and Twitter.

I thought about doing a Wordless Wednesday post, but the truth is I haven’t been taking pictures lately.

I thought about trying to process a very emotional experience I had this weekend, but I decided it wasn’t meant to be public.

I thought about sharing how our chore rotation is going in the house, but I realized it boils down to: it’s not perfect, but we’re cleaner than we were, by a long shot. And I think I would be insufferable if I tried to expand that into a full post. Almost as insufferable as the people who post recipes online and waste 2000 words rhapsodizing and showing pictures of ingredients before they deign to share the ingredient list.

Sleeping One Blanket kids
Pretend you’re asleep, kids.

I thought about finding some wonderful quote and figuring out how people make those lovely memes with words overlying an image. (Incidentally, if you know where to go to do that…with legal images…please share in the comments.) But I realized immediately that I would spend at least as long figuring out how to do that.

Alex’s lesson is coming to an end, and Julianna is singing “Stay Awake” to Ken and Barbie, who have gone to bed on a wooden bed. Followed by a rousing chorus of “Just A Spoonful of Sugar.” So I apologize for this boring, rambling post, which basically does nothing except prove that I really am a Type-A’s Type-A who cannot skip a day when I am “supposed” to blog. I’m allowed to ramble once in a while. Right?