I’m not sleeping well lately. Bizarre, disturbing dreams. Waking at three a.m. and lying awake for hours. Sometimes giving up and pulling out the laptop to work for an hour and a half before I finally crash again, thirty minutes before the alarm goes off.

After Monday’s post I realized my problem is cross-bleed.

Here’s how my life is supposed to work: kids go to school, and I work. Kids come home, and I stop working to be mom and domestic goddess household coordinator.

But with six late-start days, four sick days, and three school holidays (none of which, I might add, overlapped), the upshot is that the last several weeks I’ve been working and parenting simultaneously, all day, every day.

It’s no wonder I’m feeling this way.

Sometimes I lie down with Michael and twilight-doze….or sometimes really doze….at naptime. It’s a bright spot I really need. Because when I wake up, this is what I see six inches from me.
Michael sleeping